Saturday, 1 December 2012

Where am I now?

My experience is that when I have the most interesting things to talk about, I have the least time to blog about them.

That has certainly been the case since my last post.  I've been rather busy (!) helping to run the Woolsack Project.  This was an Inspire Project, part of the Cultural Olympiad, and we made British wool cushions as gifts for Paralympic and Olympic athletes.  Much about the project was wonderful, but there were challenges (the BBC2 series Twenty Twelve was a bit restrained)

Anyway, the important thing is that our amazing Team Woolsack managed to get every single British wool cushion to an Olympic or Paralympic athlete or team.

So, in theory, I now have spare time........
Well, in one sense I do, but following on from the original Woolsack Project I'm now running the Woolsack website to promote British wool and enable people to source it.  Full details on the new Woolsack home page.

As part of this I've started a new blog - Mrs Woolsack's Blog - where I can blog about woolly and Woolsack related things that I'm personally doing. 

I will still post here if it's something I don't want to have on Mrs Woolsack's Blog, but I suspect it won't be very often.  There is though an untold story - the undiplomatic version of being part of LOCOG.......... if I tell, then it will be here.

The diplomatic tale is told here

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