Monday, 27 June 2016

A Call To The Leaders Of The UK

Now is the time for our elected Members of Parliament, our leaders, to step up and do the jobs they were elected to do. If that means cancelling holidays, returning to Westminster and working on implementing a Brexit you didn't want, well so be it. 
Many UK workers have experienced having to work at things they'd prefer not to, having to put in extra hours at short notice, even having to cancel holidays if there was an emergency at their place of work.  Well, MP's must not be exempt from the experiences of their working constituents.

If there was a nuclear accident affecting millions in UK, a sudden war declared or a climate change induced disaster should the people of the UK expect the Prime Minister to resign and members of the Shadow Cabinet to look to their personal career ambitions and stage a coup? NO!

The economic position the UK now enjoys was won by the sacrifice of millions of citizens through a period of austerity. Our position & responsibility in the world was won by the sacrifice of millions fighting for democracy and freedom. For this to be squandered with months of financial & political uncertainty is disgraceful and must not be allowed to happen.

So the referendum result wasn't as expected by our leaders.  Well our country will face all sorts of unexpected challenges, even disasters, in the coming decades and it is the job of our Government and the whole of Parliament to get to work and deal with it.

Now is not the time for personal political career development. Now is not even the time for political parties to jostle around seeking greater power & influence. Now is the time for everyone to come together in a Government of Unity, putting the personal aside, to work hard in accord for what is best for the whole of the UK bearing in mind our responsibilities to the rest of Europe, the Commonwealth & beyond.

For members of the Scottish National Party who were elected to serve in Westminster please remember that the Parliament at Westminster, including you, serves the whole of the UK.  MSP's may prefer to concentrate on the needs of Scotland alone but I would hope the Scottish First Minister would continue as statesmanlike as she has been over the past couple of days and she too would look, for now, to contribute for the whole of the UK.

Racist actions have already started against those from Europe and beyond who are part of our society and contribute to the UK. They must be protected now from a racist minority and be reassured throughout the whole of the UK that they are welcome here.  What has been said to those in Scotland by Nicola Sturgeon must be repeated loudly throughout the UK.
As individuals it is our duty to stand up to the evil of racism, report incidents against others and say something at the time if appropriate and safe. However it is our Government that must send out a strong and clear message, immediately, that racist actions & speech in public are a crime and will not be tolerated. The UKIP MP has his own reponsiblity as a member of Parliament to do this also.

So, as a citizen of the UK, I call upon our leaders to do what is right now, to be responsible public servants, and to get back to Westminster today and do everything you can working together in unity to steer the UK through the challenge of leaving the EU in the most advantageous way for the UK and the rest of the world.  Becauses, yes, the UK has relationships and responsiblities beyond our little islands and historially has responded to those.

When, and only when, you've achieved what you need to do, you can get back to your personal career development and building up your power bases.  But you may well find that this huge wake-up call for the British electorate means that we may take our voting choices and responsibilities more seriously in future, and we may expect more from those candidates we elect than you've previously experienced.

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